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Luciano Patrizi was born in 1955 in Italy, near Rome.

Since his youth, he has been attracted to drawing and painting.

With a constant passion, he has been painting nature from every angle for about thirty years already.

Being inspired by the impressionists, he likes filling the canvas with strokes of complementary colours that gives luminosity

evoking the South to these landscapes.

He also makes every effort to create, with touches that bring some relief and inspire life to his works, a well-matched

space that incites to walk and daydream; a field with bright colours; a village in Provence surrounded with olive

trees or a peaceful lake on which we can perceive the delicate movement of water. These are the subjects of

predilection treated with emotion by this artist, who is perpetually looking for new spaces to fill and to immortalize

on the canvas. Strength and tenderness dialog in these landscapes of a wild beauty.


Numbers of his works belong to the Swiss and European collections.

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